SnK - FRaU August 2014 Translation (Chinese to English)


Ah, with the Japanese scans it seems that a Chinese version of the interview is also out, so here is a Chinese-to-English translation (That includes the Levi tidbits I already did earlier this week). They did not translate the five pages of Isayama’s own interview, but here’s the full Q&A at least!

Translating/Adding behind the Read More as I go along (Please refresh):

Q: In Captain Levi’s view, who is the best at cleaning?
A: Right now it’s Eren.

Q: What does Isayama-sensei want to tell Levi the most?
A: Levi has slight bouts of insomnia, so I want to tell him "Go quickly to sleep."

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Levi - FRAU Magazine August 2014 Q&A - Part 1


These are some general details (Translated from Chinese via Weibo user 鬆_鬆). More to come! Thanks to suniuz for the heads up.

  • As of right now, Levi thinks that Eren is the best at cleaning
  • Levi gets light bouts of insomnia
  • Q: Are Eren and Levi good at singing? A: They don’t “sing” per se but are the type to use body language as performance

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SNK Chapter 59 Levi importance



Firstly we got to see shirtless Levi!! Sasha is sewing him and he is not even moving a muscle while a needle gets pushed through his flesh.


Second no scar left on his beauty face unlike on Mikasa. Surprised me a bit honestly

Where I can read ACWNR chapter 8….

OMG..Look at these all spoiler.